Richard Rumery reading a book on the
verandah, late 1910s (Rumery family)

Ida Rumery’s children (William Rumery’s grandchildren): Gwen, Elaine, Winsome and Howard) at Rosebank, 1930s (Rumery family)

Amy Rumery and daughter Stella at Rosebank, early 1920s (Rumery family)


Built in 1890-1891
Conserved in 2023 by The Goldmate Group

For tens of thousands of years before British colonisation, this land has been a gathering place, a place where connections were made and memories were formed.

From the late 1800s until the 1970s, the Rumery family grew, earned, farmed and lived here at Rosebank. The Rumery family was large, and at least three generations of children played in the vast paddocks for almost a century. These photos of the Rumery family, generously donated by their descendants, speak to the love and pride the family had for this place.

The Rumery family were spoken of fondly by local Riverstone residents, who remembered them not only for their talent for fruitgrowing, but also as ‘a family noted for its leadership in progressive movements at Riverstone’ (1944).

The excellent condition of Rosebank today is testament to the pride the Rumery family and later owners have taken in caring for the property for nearly 150 years.

The cottage, 1989 (Rosemary Phillis)